We Buy Catalytic Converters, Valuable Scrap Metal & Car Batteries On Spot!

That’s right! You no longer need to drive all the way to a recycling depot in a neighboring city to get paid for your scrap metal. We’ll drive right to you, load it in our truck and pay you cash immediately. Servicing you all over British Columbia.

Catalytic Converters

Car Batteries

Valuable Scrap Metal

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How much exactly are my Catalytic Converters worth?

I can not quote prices without pictures of the cats themselves. Depending on where the vehicle was manufactured or the provinces emissions standards it dictates the type of cat and a value. Please fill out the form above to get a quote.

What do you do with this stuff?
Catalytic converters get smashed and turned into new cats.
How long have you been doing this?
I just passed my 1 year mark on picking up scrap metal but I have 11 years experience in the scrap industry and can do just about anything metal related. I have about 2 years of converter grading and I was taught by someone with 8 years experience


Catalytic Converters

EST: $5 – $520

Car Batteries



$2 – $50ea

Aluminum Rims


Starters / Alternators

EST: $3

DPF Systems
(Diesel Particulate Filter)